As I look through other blogs of individuals going through the Peace Corps application process, one of the biggest topics of conversation is the actual timeline … how long does it take to get from filling out an application to shipping off to a foreign country. Peace Corps likes to state that it takes approximately 9-12 months from start to finish, but the reality is that those numbers vary greatly for each individual person. Below you will find my personal timeline how out the journey is progressing.

May 17, 2010 – Application submitted; Recommendations sent out
May 17, 2010 – 1st Recommendation in (my principal is quick!)

May 19, 2010 – Additional paperwork packet received (fingerprinting, request for transcripts, etc).
May 19, 2010 – 2nd Recommendation in

May 21, 2010 – Additional paperwork mailed to Seattle Recruitment Office

May 23, 2010 – 3rd Recommendation in

May 24, 2010 – Phone call with recruiter to set up interview for Friday

May 28, 2010 – Interview at Seattle Recruitment Office – went very well!

June 1, 2010 – Nomination phone call … Teacher Trainer, Pacific Islands, October 2010 … on to medical!

June 4, 2010 – Email informing me Medical Packet is on its way and needs to be returned ASAP (by June 21st) to keep on track with nomination … stress begins!

June 5, 2010 – Toolkit update informing me file is on Hold and under Medical review … glad to hear they’re on top of things!

June 11, 2010 – Medical Packet actually sent out … scheduled to arrive on Monday … I guess they aren’t really on top of things like I thought!

June 11 – June 28, 2010 – Way too many doctor’s appointments for my liking! Totally overwhelming … but at least I know every possible thing about my health now!

June 28, 2010 – Medical Packet sent back to Peace Corps (overnight).

July 1, 2010 – Medical Packet received by Peace Corps (according to tracking number).

July 2, 2010 – Update on Toolkit stating a decision has been made on both Medical and Application and to wait for a letter in the mail … commence freak out. One day for them to review my file!? And no check mark next to Medical leaving me completely confused … the waiting begins over the holiday weekend … oye.

July 5, 2010 – Letter arrives informing me of a deferral due to abnormal paps … however, only need physician’s signature on a form to lift deferral (scheduled appt. for July 12th).

July 6, 2010 – BIG DAY! Doctor’s signature (was impatient, called to see if cancellations, got in the same morning!) … faxed form to PC Medical … MEDICALLY CLEARED THAT AFTERNOON!

July 8, 2010 – Medical Clearance letter arrived in the mail … with a medical accommodation …I’m on to placement!

August 4, 2010 – Emailed Placement to see what’s going on with my application.

August 6, 2010 – Placement emailed back saying I should hear something in the next two weeks … only 17 days until 6 week deadline for current nomination. Nervous!

August 10, 2010 – Impatient … called regarding my new graduate degree, also asked about timing. They are still saying within two weeks … I guess I really do have to wait!

August 24, 2010 – 6 week deadline came and went with no information on Placement =(

September 1 – 7, 2010 – back and forth conversation with placement regarding whether I was receiving an invite to my nomination or not … lots of confusion … had another medical hold during this time for some new bloodwork … was lifted within 48 hours … ultimately found out that I was passed up because of my original medical accommodation. Was told I would hear about a new nomination by the end of the month.

September 30, 2010 – Received email with final interview questions … responded IMMEDIATELY 🙂 … and they don’t lie; definitely heard by end of month!

October 1, 2010 – Toolkit Update – INVITED TO SERVE!!!

October 1, 2010 – Emailed PO and Education desk for more information on nomination … still in the dark 🙂

October 4, 2010 – Phone call from Placement letting me know I’m invited to Eastern Europe/Asia (most likely Asia) in January … 99% sure that means Thailand! Still waiting on invitation.

Last updated October 4, 2010


2 Responses to “Application Timeline”

  1. chelle Says:

    hey randomly came across your blog! i’m currently in the application process as well (cleared medical last month). i’m curious as to what happened since the invitation?

  2. vivian Says:

    Hi! I’m also in the process and am curious as to what has happened since?
    Hope all is well!

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