Still Waiting …

September 17, 2010

It turns out that waiting on Placement the second time around is not nearly as difficult or nerve wracking at the first time around. Maybe it’s because I have so many other things going on right now that I just can’t concentrate on waiting for a phone call.

Awhile back my placement officer told me that she would start looking at my file (and others like it) the week of September 13th pending my medical hold at the time was lifted by then. It was, and when I sent an email on Monday confirming with her that things were good to go, she reiterated that yes, things were good and I would hear from her by the end of the month. No call came this week, so basically I have next week and a few days of the week after that if her timeline holds.

I’m not too concerned about it. I actually have barely thought about it at all this week. Every once and awhile I caught myself checking my phone for missed calls, but for the most part I have been Peace Corps free all week. I must admit, it’s been a pretty crazy and hectic week in other areas of my life. I’m moving in with my mom, and working overtime at my job … things have been a whirlwind to say the least.

I’m also doing some pretty amazing things at my job that I’m really excited about. I was hired on as a temp worker for the summer with the potential of being kept on full-time. They have officially told me they want me full-time (hasn’t kicked in yet), but they are also moving me into a whole new area of work. I was hired to do some pretty basic mindless work (entry level), but now they are having me work as a corporate trainer of sorts. It is a start up company who wants some training materials for different aspects of customer service, human resources, and leadership and management. They found out I have a master’s degree in that stuff and decided to have me create their first course. I am basically using all my education and then some to create a corporate-level training material to be used within a large corporate. So exciting! And, if the final product is what they are looking for, I will have numerous other courses I can create.

Not only does this give me resume building experience, but it also could lead to a potential new position (and maybe department) within this company. This is exactly the type of job I want when I get back from PC so its exciting to get some experience with it now.

The problem is, it brings up a decision … If I’m not leaving until March (maybe a little sooner) that gives me six months to really work this new position. Who knows where I will be come Spring. Am I even going to want to leave the position to go into the Peace Corps if I’m in my dream job at that point?

It’s a good problem to have, two organizations that really want you, but it’s a difficult personal decision to make. I want Peace Corps so much, but I also want a career that makes me happy and takes me places. I have realized in the last few years being in a job where I was completely discontent and unhappy that finding a job like this one could potentially be is sometimes difficult and is something to hold on to … but is it worth giving up Peace Corps?

Also, if Peace Corps calls me next week and says an invite is in the mail, I have 10 days after receiving that email to make a decision. Right now I would absolutely say YES! SIGN ME UP! But then what happens three or four months down the road if I change my mind and want to stay in my job. Can I do that? Can I retract my yes and give back my position? I am sure that happens to people all the time – emergencies, injuries, change of heart … but do I want to be that person?

I guess that’s probably why I’m not anxiously awaiting a phone call from Peace Corps … now I feel like the time has come and I may not be 100% ready to go … decisions decisions.

But, still happy that the wait is almost over and that I’ll finally have some finality in invite/no invite.

I’ll keep you all updated. (Sorry if this was rambly, it was all stream of thought).


2 Responses to “Still Waiting …”

  1. chrisdebruyn Says:

    I went through some of those thoughts when I was in the middle of PC’s application process. It’s just my own experience but PC was the most rewarding and most challenging thing I’ve done in my life. It also opened incredible doors professionally. If you want my vote, I’d say go the PC route. It will most likely give you a new perspective on life and you might see your dream job in a new light.

  2. Kate Says:

    I’m in the same place right now – they’ve told me they hope to have a placement update in 2-3 weeks, then it was another 2-3 weeks, and now they’ve said a week, but I’m not holding my breath!

    Any way though, they tell me they are shooting to send me around Jan-Feb, so as long as I know something by around November, it should be fine!

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