Good News Today

September 10, 2010

My medical hold has been lifted!

I have been concerned all week that I wouldn’t be able to get my hold lifted prior to my application being reassessed next week. My placment officer told me that they would reconsider my placement starting the week of the 13th, pending this hold on medical be lifted. I got the paperwork in to my doctor, but they were extremely busy all week and didn’t fax it for me. I picked up the paperwork on Thursday morning and faxed it in, but was told by my medical assistant that it might take a few days to post.

I was concerned that if it took more than today to clear that my application would be placed on the bottom of the stack of people in my same position – bumped from their original nomination and up for a new placement … however, I woke up to an application update today in my toolkit and when I logged in, the hold was lifted!

That means that pending the timeline is still the same for placement, I should definitely be up for consideration next week and hopefully hear something fairly soon regarding a potential invitation.

I have also been doing some research regarding the three possible places I could be going. I know that these three places are not guarantees; there could be a list of other places I don’t know about … but, given the departure dates from last year and what my placement officer told me about where I would be considered, I’ve been focusing on those countries for my research.

Basically I want to be prepared in case I am given an option of where to go. I know that most people aren’t given this luxury, but I have read some blogs where people in my situation have received calls saying “We have a placement in Asia leaving in March or the Caribbean leaving in January … which would you prefer?” If this happens, I want to have an answer.

The first country I’m doing research on is Thailand and that has pretty much jumped to the top of my list. Thailand would be absolutely incredible and I would love to serve there.

The Dominican Republic would also be great. It’s a lot cheaper for family and friends to come visit and the programs sound great … not to mention the warm weather during a good portion of the year 🙂

I’m still not sold on Indonesia, but the more research I do the more I’m becoming okay with that option. It’s a Muslim country so it would be the most different from my current life. It would take a lot more getting used to, but would  be a pretty incredible experience. The Peace Corps was also kicked out of Indonesia last time around and was just reinstated last year … I’m not sure if that’s something to be concerned about or not. But, I’m still open minded.

Anyway, the waiting game continues … I’m just glad to know that there isn’t anything more I can do. I just have to wait it out!


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