Where Am I Going?

September 7, 2010

I have no idea. But I’m getting closer to finding out.

I finally heard from my Placement Officer last week after a long and heartfelt email stating that I was tired of the run around from assistants and such and would really like some finalized information from my PO. That sounds a bit more harsh than the email actually was. I basically just stated that I had received so many different pieces of information that contradicted each other than I needed some real answers.

I received an email back that same day from my PO with every answer I could possibly have wanted.

She basically informed me that I in fact had been passed up for my originally nomination because of medical accommodations. I had asked how they determine where you can go and the short of it is that medical provides placement with a list of countries I can serve in. Placement has no idea what the accommodation is (they aren’t allowed to). All they can do is look at the list and see if a country is available to me. My originally nomination was not.

So, I have been put at the top of the priority list for a placement in January-March – the next quarter. She said that they will begin looking at people in my situation the week of September 13th and work as fast as possible to find a placement. She also told me that given my qualifications, if nothing else changes with my accommodations, they will be considering me for locations in the Caribbean or Asia. In looking at the PC wiki, that basically means Thailand, Indonesia, or the Dominican Republic – all places I would love to go.

She said I should know something for sure b y the end of September, even if that “for sure” is that they have to push back my nomination even more … but, she said things look promising.

So, I am getting my current medical hold removed this week (turned in my lab work today) and should be hearing something from placement in the next few weeks.

I’m thrilled to finally have some solid information 🙂


3 Responses to “Where Am I Going?”

  1. Kristen Says:

    I was also given a medical restriction from the Peace Corps. My original placement, Central Asia, was not on the approved list so I had to wait an extra month before they finally placed me in Morocco.
    It can be frustrating, but I’m sure you’ll end up somewhere great.

  2. K.A.W. Says:

    That’s great news!

  3. Amy Quick Says:

    The waiting can be impossibly difficult and hopefully well worth it. Although our situations are different, the similarities exist…and I feel your impatience.
    I was reading http://sworthy10.wordpress.com/ and was so jealous of the timeline he had for departure. Knowing where you are going is great, but I am more ready to know when. Having life so in limbo is a very odd way to live.
    Good luck and I will check back.

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