Whirlwind of Thoughts

August 29, 2010

** I apologize in advance for the lack of coherence of this entry … it’s all stream of thought 🙂 **

Ever since finding out that I was not invited to my current nomination and that I am being considered for later dates, life has been upside down. I went through the first stage of disappointment and worry over my decision to quit my job. Then I went through the frustration and anger stage wishing Peace Corps could provide a bit more information about what this means. Then I settled in to where I am now … a stage I can’t quite name or describe. I’m sort of just floating with numerous different paths I could take.

It’s weird how finding out a piece of information like that can bring out so many other things from the woodwork. Here is what I mean.

My current job, one that I accepted for the summer and was planning on continuing until I left for PC has been waiting for information regarding my PC invite (or no invite). It’s a start up company that I actually really love, but who had already told me they may not be able to keep me on after October (slow season for the business). They have been waiting to hear if I would be leaving earlier than that or staying on until that time.

I informed them Friday, after finding out I didn’t receive an invite, that I would be staying on as long as they could keep me, but that I would need to be looking for other work because now that I’m going to be here until at least December, I need to have steady employment. If this job can’t give it to me, then I need to actively pursue other things which means I still could leave the job sooner. My boss understood, but had a look as though he was disappointed or concerned. I didn’t press it.

Later that afternoon the head honcho of the company came to speak with me about my situation and brought up an amazing opportunity. This company is looking to start creating some corporate training opportunities for their employees and wants to contract me to put those trainings together (my new master’s degree is in this field). I was esctatic. He told me that they are working to be able to keep me on full-time and contract extra hours for this work. He said eventually it could lead to starting an entirely new department at the company.

How cool is that? The ability to start a new department and get all of that experience? It looks like if I chose to delay PC longer (or forever) I could potentially have a job here that could turn into exactly what I want to do with my life … and being pushed back for PC is what made that opportunity come about.

At the same time, what about Peace Corps? Yes, this is a great job opportunity, but is it solid enough to potentially put off my serving PC? Am I willing to give up PC for this opportunity that may fall through in a few months anyway? Obviously those decisions can’t be made now, but it adds a lot more to the mix of just waiting on PC …

Someone commented on my last post that when they weren’t invited to their current nomination they received a new invite a week later. What if that happens to me? I’ll have to decide whether to give up this great career advancement … choices are tough.

That being said, I did a little research.

I’m currently being considered for next quarter, December through February. I went through the list of countries, their 2010 staging dates, and their programs and found a list of the countries I could potentially be considered for:

Guinea (December)
Thailand (January)
South Africa (January)
Namibia (February)

There were a few others, but the education programs didn’t quite fit with what I’m qualified for. These four are the ones that truly fit my qualifications.

Now, of those countries, I did some research with regard to their gynecology offerings in the country. My medical accommodation requires semi-decent gynecologic care, so I wanted to see if any of these could be off the list.

It looks like Thailand and South Africa have great care and Namibia does have some but not quite as good … so in the end, I’d probably only be considered for Thailand and South Africa (though I could be totally wrong and have no idea how they determine the proper care available).

Those are two very different places … both interesting and would probably be incredible experiences … makes me feel like it’s unlikely since it’s only two countries and most likely all the positions have been filled with nominations. I’m not sure they would bump nominations to put me in.

Anyway, this was just a rambling of where I am this weekend. I am still waiting to hear from Placement this week to get the extact details of what’s going on with my file. I have a feeling I’ll have a good amount of waiting ahead of me, but at least now I have something here (the job) to concentrate on and keep me moving forward.


4 Responses to “Whirlwind of Thoughts”

  1. Josh Says:

    Hey. This is Josh a PCV in Mongolia right now catching up on some blog readings. Ive been there! This deferral and slowdown and annoyance are unavoidable and ultimately truly useful in building your tolerance for patience and as i so eloquently call it “great adventures in sitting” Deep breath, go with the flow and realize…at least from my point of view: TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!

    Least once it finally happens anyway

  2. Angela Says:

    i’ve been reading your journal as a means to cope with my own anxiety waiting for an invite. where did you find staging dates? when i was nominated my recruiter only told me the quarter in which i was nominated for and the region…i’m freaking out that it seems most get more specific information. i’m relieved to know i’m not the only one who’s been discouraged and frustrated with the process!!!

    • kylenemichele Says:

      Staging dates are listed on the PC Wiki page (www.peacecorpswiki.org). There is a link on ther right for Staging Dates. It’s very helpful! Good luck with your wait …I know how tough it is!

  3. thompcha Says:

    I like how you capture some of the feelings I’ve had over the last few days. Just remember; having to decide between two very appealing options is a kind of problem that is good to have.

    As for me, I’ve determined to quit trying to prognosticate the results of PC’s inner workings and simply to trust that they’ll have a suitable placement for me before very long!

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