Cupcakes = PC Distraction!

August 20, 2010

Last weekend I was lucky to have a number of activities to keep my mind off Peace Corps … a bachelorette party, a subsequent minor hangover (the not so great part!), and work on Sunday. I obviously thought about Peace Corps some during that time, but not nearly as much as during the week. This weekend I have another list of distractions to pull me through until Monday. What’s in store for the next few days?

Well, I have been commissioned to bake cupcakes for my company picnic tomorrow … and not just a few cupcakes. I will be making 300 cupcakes over the next 24 hours! Maybe I should provide a little back story.

I love to bake. Actually, I don’t just love it … I’m obsessed with it. Baking is what I do when I’m stressed and need to relax, when I feel creative and want to try something new, or at any other time of day. I bake pies for all family holidays (it’s my assigned job). I bake goodies for friends and family on special occasions. I look for times to bake so I have an excuse. I don’t really even ever eat them … I much prefer to give them away. A few weeks ago I started a new job and was planning for a baby shower. I was bringing cupcakes to the shower and wanted to try a few flavors out so I made them for my office. Every Thursday I brought a few different kinds and they were a hit. Everyone loved them … and then one day, my boss’ assistant came up to me and asked what it would cost to make 200-300 cupcakes. I gave an answer and she said “okay, will you do it?” I immediately said yes with no idea what she was even talking about 🙂 Turns out they will pay for all my supplies and for my time, and I get to do what I love!

So here I am, planning to make cupcakes for about 200 people. The party is at 3pm tomorrow and I work until 6:30 tonight … that means I have from about 7pm until 1:30ish tomorrow to bake. Good think I’m a seasoned professional 😉 I am making eight different kinds including two gluten free (which I’m nervous about because I’ve  never tried before!).

Needless to say, Peace Corps will NOT be on my mind during that time!

After that, I’m hoping to go to bed early, and then I work all day on Sunday. Then we’re back to Monday when I’ll once again be in the throws of RAS. I know I won’t be hearing anything from PC until at least Tuesday, but seeing as though Monday is the day before I should hear something, I’ll obviously be getting a bit nervous … it’s just who I am 🙂

Anyway, wish me luck with the cupcakes!!! I’ll post some pictures once they are done.


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