11 days … time for an awesome weekend!

August 13, 2010

So, my countdown is now at 11 days … I skipped writing a post yesterday just in an attempt to stop thinking about PC for awhile. It didn’t really work, but at least you weren’t subjected to my endless ramblings 🙂 but here’s another one.

I’m sure you all know exactly what I’m talking about when I say thinking about PC all the time. It’s seriously a constant nag in my brain. My phone is always at my side and I’m constantly checking the screen to see if I missed a call or something … someone in another blog said they felt like they were dating PC – seriously, that’s what it feels like to constantly be watching the phone. At work I have my email open in the corner of my desk and am constantly looking over to see that (1 new) box appear saying I have new mail. When it does happen it’s usually junk mail and with frustration I delete it and tell myself I won’t check again for at least 10 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour … I usually don’t make it five.

I’d really love to stop thinking about it, but this deadline is approaching so soon and I’m nervous. I know there is still plenty of time for PC to contact me regarding my current nomination – sometimes they clear you through placement in a day … but it is still making me anxious. This is why I’m looking forward to this weekend – full of distractions!!! I know PC won’t contact me over the weekend so Monday (if nothing happens today) is my next day of stress. So, I’m hoping this weekend goes by fast with everything I have planned.

Tomorrow isa good friend’s bachelorette party and oh my goodness it’s going to be one to remember. Her sister is planning it and I must say, it’s going to be a very interesting time. Putt putt in the afternoon, then dinner, a limo into Seattle, clubbing all night, and who knows what else. It’s like an all day affair. Clubbing isn’t really my scene, but for her I’d do anything … we’ll see how that goes.

So tonight is pizza with my best friend, tomorrow at noon starts the party (yes, noon, as I said, an all day affair), out late, then work all day Sunday (most likely as a 1/2 zombie from the night before), and straight to bed at 6am … no time in there for PC thoughts right? We’ll see 🙂

And I’m not going to update tomorrow or Sunday … I’m boycotting the sites for at least those two days! … well, unless I hear something today.


4 Responses to “11 days … time for an awesome weekend!”

  1. Athena Says:

    I started reading your blog tonight. I feel like you have written everything that I have gone through with a few minor changes. I also have been a teacher for the last 16 years. I took this year off to get a Master’s in Nonprofit Management. I was nominated to go to Mozambique the end of Sept. I was not invited because they could not accommodate a medical issue. So now I am waiting to be invited for anything, anywhere. I will be following your blog and now I’m encouraged to start using this blog forum along with the other one I use “Mid-Career Crisis, Saving My Soul”. Good luck and who knows we could end up in the same place.

  2. Crystal Says:

    Have a blast this weekend! Try not to think about PC.. they’ll probably only call you during M – F business hours anyway, right?!

  3. Nancy Says:

    Thanks for your support. I’m hoping to receive my invitation tomorrow for either Tonga or Samoa. Looks like we’ll get to at least get together in LA and on a trans-Pacific flight. I hope you get your invitation call very soon!

    • kylenemichele Says:

      Thanks Nancy! I have my phone at my side 24/7 just in case (even though I know they’ll only call during normal business hours!). I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I hear something … and hopefully you’re right that we’ll at least get to meet in LA, if not serve together! Congrats again.

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