Google Master!!! … 14 days.

August 10, 2010

The last day to be invited to my current nomination is exactly two weeks from today … and because of that I haven’t stopped thinking about PC all day … 14 days until I’ll either finally have a plan for the next few years, or I’ll miss my current nomination and I’ll have even less idea what’s going on with my future.

Today was completely dedicated to RAS … here’s a bit of the run down.

8:30am – Arrived at work, immediately checked email as I do every morning. Nothing from PC.

9-11am – Receive three phone calls … frantically check caller ID on each one looking for the 202 area code … no such luck. Ignored all three calls out of pure disappointment.

11:30am – Secretly reading when I’m supposed to be working.

12pm – Decided to call Placement on my lunch break. Had to ask about getting them info on my new master’s degree (don’t have transcripts yet) and used this opportunity to pull the whole “I just want to make sure my application is on track and there is nothing more you need from me” bit. The guy on the phone looked up my application, said they had everything they need from me, that they were just starting to fill spots October nominations … he said I should be hearing within the next two weeks. While I would have loved to hear “oh yeah, you should be getting a call tomorrow” I was not completely unhappy with this phone call … two weeks still fits for my current nomination … so I ended lunch happy.

1-6pm – Forced myself to work and not think about Peace Corps … failed miserably … spent a good amount of time checking email and reading blogs … not a very productive work day.

6-8pm – Ran errands – the only time today I didn’t think much about PC.

8-10:30pm – GOOGLE MASTER!!! Two and a half hours researching my current nomination to see if I still have a shot … I’ve had two concerns: 1) Timing – is there really enough time to complete placement in the next two weeks; 2) Medical Accommodation – does my current nomination house my medical accommodation? Though my Google skills I was able to get a bunch of information in favor of my current nomination still being a viable option.

This information came in two forms:

Application Timelines – I reviewed about 20 different applicant timelines and found that many many people didn’t hear from placement until right at the 6-week mark. A number of people heard from placement just a few days before the 6-week deadline and received their invite a day or two later. I was assuming there would be a lengthy process of more paperwork, interviews, etc … but it seems often times it’s a quick one day turn around … so this gives me hope that I could still be up for the Pacific Island nomination.

Gynecology in Tonga – I have been worried about whether my current nomination (still assuming Tonga based on program, region, and leave date) would hold because of my medical accommodation. Basically I have to be sent somewhere that has good gynecological care in case I need some specific tests/procedures at some point during my service. I spent a large amount of time looking up the medical care in Tonga and it looks like it’s actually pretty good. I found info on the number of gynecologists in the country, different trainings they’ve had on procedural care, the hospital resources, etc. They still may not be able to house my accommodation, but it looks potentially promising.

10:30pm – Writing PC blog …

Seriously, today has been all about PC and I’m hoping its out of my system so I can enjoy my day off tomorrow … I have a bunch of stuff to do so hopefully I can keep my mind off of placement and just wait for that phone call/email … not likely. It’s going to be a long two weeks.

14 days and counting …


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