Return of RAS

August 9, 2010

The last month or so I have actually been doing pretty well. I haven’t thought much about Peace Corps because of work, the end of grad school, vacation, and a number of other distractions … this week though, Peace Corps has returned to the forefront of my thoughts … and is thus driving me insane 🙂

This week started with a birthday party for my best friend. We had a fantastic time as expected, but hanging out with everyone got me thinking about everything I’m going to be leaving behind. I didn’t really get sad, but I started wishing that I actually had solidified plans for the future so I can start mentally and emotionally preparing myself. I had a number of other events over the last fwe days that did the same thing.

I also realized that tomorrow marks two weeks left until my 6-week deadline for my current nomination. They have two weeks to contact me, ask for more information, etc, etc. So now there is really a countdown of sorts. It’s actually within reach. Each day that passes makes me more and more nervous that I won’t have enough time to speak with them and get that invite … and if that doesn’t happen, what throws everything up in the air as to what to expect … not that anything is solid right now anyway!

Long story short, PC is once again the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep … it’s going to be a long two weeks!!!

For those who have gone through all of this: how soon prior to your 6-week deadline did they call to discuss with you your options … or ask for additional information? I figure it needs to be soon if I’m actually expected to have time to get things back to them (updated resume, etc) … just trying to see when I can start really stressing out 🙂


One Response to “Return of RAS”

  1. lanejonathan Says:

    I’m actually departing here in October so I know exactly, exactly how you’re feeling with the first-thing-when-you-wake-up last-thing-before-you-go-to-bed thing. This may or may not provide any solace, but I actually didn’t hear from my placement officer within the timeframe of my nomination. I had been in relatively close contact with my Placement & Assessment Assistant for the weeks leading up to that, and I remember her saying one Wednesday, “If you don’t hear anything by the end of the week, call me”. And I didn’t. I called her on that following Monday, and she said as brutally honest as she could, “That means you weren’t invited to the program you were originally nominated to”.

    Long story short, my final placement officer sent me an email that following Thursday, we had our last knock down drag out phone interview (an hour and a half long) on Friday, and I received my invitation on a Tuesday. They had pushed me back into a different program back leaving in October, which was kind of nerve-racking, but at the same time I’m just happy it worked out.

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