More Research = Confusing Nomination

August 4, 2010

Okay, so I just posted earlier today, but I hadn’t posted in a month, so you get another one to even things out 🙂

I was reading through some blogs today and someone mentioned the Wiki Calculator that can tell you which countries have your nominated program … I decided to give it a shot since my nomination is up in the air anyway (have a medical accommodation and don’t know if my current nomination can house me).

I selected Worldwide so I could see all the countries, not just my region. I then went to pick my program. I selected Secondary Education Teacher Training since I know I was nominated for teacher training and I’m a secondary teacher … and my current nomination didn’t come up (only one country it could be) … strange.

I then went in and selected Primary Education Teacher Training, and voila, there was my nomination. Hmmm … Primary Education? I have absolutely no training in elementary levels … I have no idea what I would do if that was my actual invitation. I have even less of a clue why my recruiter would have nominated me for this level of teacher training when I don’t have any background in it. Granted, the country could be adding secondary levels with this round of volunteers, but currently they have none … yikes. Looks like I have some chatting to do with my placement officer when they contact me!


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