Just waiting for the update!

July 8, 2010

I wasn’t supposed to be able to get in to see my doctor until Monday to get my deferral form signed, but I randomly called yesterday morning and they had a last minute opening an hour later! I rushed over there, met with the doctor, and she happily obliged to sign my form. She told me that it was “stupid that my condition was making it difficult to get medical clearance and there is no possible way it is going to affect you during your service” … her exact words. Yes!!! She was even appalled that I will only be sent to a country that can perform a colposcopy if necessary. She told me that I don’t need that accommodation and that I should be able to go anywhere in the world, no issues.

I didn’t disagree, but in reality, I could care less if there are a few countries I can’t go do, as long as they send me somewhere!

Anyway, I immediately went to Kinkos and faxed over the form. I drove home and then immediately called my PC nurse to verify the form went through. I knew it had, but I thought maybe if I got her to put her hands on it then it would go through faster. Well, she found it, told me it looked fine, said she’d just have to run it by the PC doctor, but that I was most likely cleared and good to go for the next step. Woohoo!

Only thing is now I’m anxiously waiting that update on my toolkit … it took them less than a day to review my medical packet when it arrived to them … but now it’s taken a day and a half for this doc just to look at the form and say “okay”. I don’t mind since  1) most people wait weeks if not months to get their medical clearance and 2) I know it’s coming so I’m not nervous … it would just be nice to have it done and out of the way! Plus, because of my October nomination, I’m used to having things rush rush rush! I don’t want that to stop here! 🙂

But, I’m thrilled … I still think they have to do the legal clearance stuff for me … the check mark has been there from the very beginning and I would think with my three student loans and a car payment they would have called me or something … so I have a feeling that is still going to be pending, but that’s the least of my concerns now!

I’m on my way!


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