Okay, I admit, I was wrong, and I worry too much!

July 6, 2010

For every one of you who posted that I shouldn’t worry just yet, thank you, and you were right … I was wrong … I shouldn’t have let myself get worked up … I shouldn’t have stressed … I shouldn’t have prepared myself for the worst (though that I’m kinda okay with in case the news actually did turn out bad) … I should have taken a deep breath, stayed off the internet searching for answers, and just waited for my forms …

Here’s the story…

I checked the mail this morning, knowing the letter wouldn’t be there and not really expecting ANY mail at 10am since the mailman usually doesn’t come until 3pm. Low and behold, there was mail! The letter wasn’t there … I was confused though, and had a suspicion that maybe because of the holiday they would have two rounds on mail on Tuesday … a weird thought, but perhaps.

So, I got back home after work today and walked to the mailbox and sure enough, a second round of mail … definitely strange … this time, the letter was there! My hands were literally shaking as I opened it right there at the mailbox. Two papers stapled together …

Basically, I have been deferred, however, that deferral is only until my physician fills out the attached form, which basically states that I can go 15 months between paps rather than the 12 months my doctor recommended. So technically, if my doctor signs the form, I think that’ll be it for medical clearance.

I do still need to get her to sign it though … I have no idea if she will be okay with me going 15 months or not. I have a feeling she will be fine, but if she isn’t, my deferral will be longer … I also have the option of going to her coworker (the other gyno) who happens to be a returned AmeriCorps volunteer and basically told my doctor that this condition shouldn’t be the reason for me not to be able to do Peace Corps … so I’m fairly certain I’ll get the signature.

I go in on Monday morning … I wish it was sooner, but I’m just thrilled this is all the letter was.

Again, I was wrong, and thank you to all of you who put me in my place 🙂


4 Responses to “Okay, I admit, I was wrong, and I worry too much!”

  1. Amy Yanni Says:

    Sounds as if your place in the Peace Corps. Here’s to a speedy placement!

  2. Michelle Says:

    Cheers, darling! I’m sure they’ll sign, and hopefully that’s the worst you’ll have to deal with. Good luck!

  3. easymack63 Says:

    Congrats! I’m sure everything will be fine 🙂

  4. Jenna Says:

    Awesome!!! I’m so glad to hear it turned out ok. And I’m sure you will stay right on that track too!!! So happy for your good news!

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