News from medical … kind of.

July 2, 2010

So, I sent in my medical packet earlier this week and have been waiting for an update to tell me they received it and that it was under review … haven’t seen anything yet. Today I decided to jump on Toolkit just because I’m obsessed like that, not expecting anything since I haven’t received a toolkit update (they also only received my packet on Wednesday and it’s Friday).

Well, I was wrong … LOTS of updates. It shows a check that they have received my packet. It shows I’m cleared for dental (yippee!!!) and it also shows that medical has made a decision regarding my medical status and has sent me an important letter in the mail (see pic below):

I’m really nervous about that that means. Is that the typical message if they have additional paperwork they want you to fill out or something additional that you need to do? Or, is that a bad thing? I’ve thought all along that they were going to need more information from my gyno regarding being able to go 15 months without an exam … but now that I know they are sending me something I’m nervous! Any insight would be great.

Aside from that, I feel incredibly lucky that they reviewed my entire medical file in two days! That’s insane! I know my leave date is October so it would be sooner rather than later, but this is ridiculously fast. Thank goodness.

Here’s to hoping whatever they sent me isn’t a hold or something drastic like “we don’t want to accept you!” We shall see…


One Response to “News from medical … kind of.”

  1. kylenemichele Says:

    Ooops. You can’t read that. I’ll have to put a bigger one up later. Sorry!

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