Bracing for Rejection …

July 2, 2010

***See latest posts for updates … have been medically cleared with accommodations!!***

So I just posted earlier today about my Toolkit update saying “Peace Corps sent you an important letter regarding the status of your medical review”. I have been thinking about it all day, mainly because I probably won’t receive the letter until at least Thursday of next week and I hate waiting (I’m on the west coast, takes 3 days for mail to get here from DC, and it’s a holiday weekend).

In the mean time, because of ALL the extensive information regarding Peace Corps on the web, I decided to Google the sentence above to see if anyone else posted about receiving the same message … I received about five response … each and every one of them ended with a rejection. That led me to a number of questions.

1) Why would mine me any different? If that seems to be the standard for negative outcomes of the medical process, why would mine be different from anyone else’s? There were no positive outcomes on the blogs … why expect other results?

2) What else could it possibly mean? They received my medical packet yesterday … they made a decision today. I’m sure it doesn’t take long to review a file, but wouldn’t it have moved to Complete if I was Cleared? And wouldn’t it move to Hold if there were more things to fill out? All it says is that a letter was sent to me and be checking my mail … I’m sure that’s the nice way of saying REJECTED without actually posting that on Toolkit.

3) What the hell could POSSIBLY be so wrong with me that I was denied? I have two issues that it could possibly be … I have a history of anxiety, but haven’t had an attack in nearly five years. I’m not on any medication and haven’t been for years … and my therapist review was STELLAR. She said she STRONGLY supports my decision and thinks I would thrive. How can they say no to that? Secondly is my abnormal paps. I have the lowest possible HPV diagnosis and my doctor specifically wrote that I can go 12 months without any tests with no risks … all I would need at the 12 month mark is an HPV test. She even said that she would clear me to go the 15 months actually required (with training) … she didn’t write that (only the 12 months) but I don’t think that would be means to reject me straight off the bat.

I know I shouldn’t base my expectations of what that post means by what I found on five blogs … but it’s difficult not to. I honestly don’t see how it could be anything else …

And I hate that I won’t actually know for at least another week.


11 Responses to “Bracing for Rejection …”

  1. Jenna Says:

    Hey, I dunno where you found all those rejections, that’s crazy!! That is the exact sentence that is put on every toolkit when the medical decision is made and the vast majority or people are medically cleared or medically cleared with restriction (bc saw they have asthma or depression oe epilepsy or something), a few get a delay–where they have to wait x amount of time to make sure a medication works or a condition clears up, very few actually get denied. Those few who do are quite often able o appeal with informative doctor info and explanations and win the appeal. But truly, that is what everyones toolkit says and the vast majority get cleared

  2. Jenna Says:

    Also I know many people that serve in the pc even tho they have ongoing treated anxiety, and one of my good friends served her full 2 years with hpv.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Even if they do send you a letter of rejcetion for whatever reason, you can always appeal. I went ahead and googled that phrase too and found a couple of those blogs. At least one of them successfully appealed after getting a rejection letter for mental health reasons and is now serving in Madagascar. There is still hope, don’t let it get you down! Almost every single person has massive hoops to jump through when it comes to medical. So keep your chin up and no matter what the letter ends up saying, I’m sure you’ll be able to work it out.

  4. redefinition Says:

    Aside from the great advice from Jenna, you have NO idea what the conditions may have been that caused the others to be rejected! There could have been LOTS of things wrong with them. Therefore, we won’t claim their defeat as your own. Stay positive and TRY to remain calm for the next few days. Don’t count it over until it’s OVER! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  5. Amy Says:

    ang in there and don’t lose hope. My husband and I are nominees and he has an ICD (like a pacemaker, only it shocks his heart if need be to get it back to normal rhythm). We haven’t been rejected yet, and that’s a bigger issue, don’t you think? And you can appeal a denial–really, stay positive!

  6. michael mcc Says:

    My toolbar said the same thing “A decision has been made regarding your medical review…” and that a letter has been sent. I called and after some mention of me being patient/inpatient they just told me that I was medically qualified, and thats all the letter said 3 days later. Don’t worry

  7. crystal Says:

    I just randomly found your journal. I am also applying to the peace corps. I noted on my health survey that I’ve suffered depression and anxiety, but I don’t think that’s enough to reject me or you. So hang in there. Best of luck.

  8. Julian Says:

    Hey! I’m a current volunteer, and I remember this sentence VERY MUCH! All it meant was that a nurse had signed something where a doctor should have, and I needed to fix it. It absolutely wasn’t a rejection. Plus, the odd part to me was that they “reviewed” your med packet in one day. That’s not how it goes. I’ve never heard of or seen a turn around like that. Usually it’s like three or four months at least. It sounds more to me like they saw something incorrect, because when they do, they send it back one piece at a time without reading the rest. I wouldn’t get so down yet. oh.. and I had a panic attack IN SITE the other week and am definitely still serving. Keep your head up!

  9. Erin Says:

    what a stressful process! just know that you are definitely not alone in this. good luck.

  10. My guess is that they need more information – they may need a more complete history of paps (happened to me) and I just got medically cleared after much ado, so keep your head up!

  11. Martin Cooks Says:

    I haven’t heard anything back from the PC concerning my medical clearance and I’m getting a bit nervous.

    This is an awesome blog by the way!

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