It’s done!!! The waiting begins …

June 28, 2010

Medical Packet = SENT!

I was totally not expecting to be able to send my medical packet today! Coming into the week I still had one form for my physician to sign, and was waiting on my final gyno paperwork (waiting on some results), and a few additional blood work results. I was thinking it would take a few days this week to get all that together because I start a new job tomorrow and don’t have much time after that. I was wrong!

I went into my physician this morning and she was happy to sign the paper … a quick trip. Then, this afternoon my gyno called and said my paperwork was done and ready to pick up. She spoke with me over the phone about the results so I didn’t need to wait for an actual appoinment. I was on my way home so I changed directions and went straight to the clinic. At the front desk was the packet I needed, ready for me to take with me! I also had a thought when I got there … my physician and gyno clinic are connected (same organization) so all my blood work would be on their system. I asked if it the blood work was done and if so, if I could have a copy … the answers were yes and yes! So, I walked out of there with EVERYTHING I need!

I went straight over to Kinko’s Office (literally across the street). I made copies of everything, packed it all up, and shipped it out! I paid extra money to send it overnight just so I know it will get there as soon as possible. They had wanted it last week for my October nomination, but told me I’d have a little wiggle room with that … hopefully I’m still in the running for that date.

It was so weird sending the packet out. It’s been sitting next to me on my passenger seat for the last two weeks. I feel like it became a part of me! I had so many appointments, so many forms, it feels weird being done with it! But, I’m so ready for the next part of the process.

The waiting now begins … I’m hoping because of my quick nomination date that they get to my packet fairly soon. My six week date is August 23rd (if I’m right about where they are sending me), which means they still have quite awhile … hopefully they don’t wait that long!

Today is also strange because it’s the first day I actually feel excited. I know most people will read that and think, what the heck? How has she not been excited about PC up until this point? I don’t really know how to explain it. I only decided to join PC on May 16th so it has only been a little over a month. I’ve spent the last six weeks or so in a daze. I’ve made the decision, but it hasn’t seemed real. I haven’t really gotten to a point where I actaully comprehend what I’m doing. But today, sending that packet, I just got this feeling in my gut. There is nothing else in my way. Granted, they could come back to me with additional paperwork, a medical hold, legal issues, etc … but they also might not. And if they don’t, they could send me an invite, and I could be going! Crazy …

I’m super excited now. I think about the experience of getting on a plane and starting a brand new chapter in my life … something HUGE and EXCITING and INCREDIBLE! I cannot wait …

But I have to … the next step lies in their hands!


4 Responses to “It’s done!!! The waiting begins …”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    So it sounds like you decided not to go back to the school you were working at?

    • kylenemichele Says:

      That is still to be determined. I’m going to wait the next few weeks and see what happens with medican clearance. If I haven’t heard anything or if I have any medical holds, I’ll consider delaying and going back to my old school for the year … but that’s a slim possibility. I got a job for the summer, but it’s looking like it’s something I could continue up until leaving for service … so I’ll probably opt to do that instead. I have a few more weeks to notify my school so I’m going to wait a bit longer before making my decision.

  2. redefinition Says:

    Well, well, well!! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! is definitely in order!! The moment you decided to relax and not stress, everything seemed to start falling into place! I’m happy for you! I hope your clearance moves quickly and that you are able to leave in October! *fingers crossed!*

    • kylenemichele Says:

      Thank you! That always seems to happen with me … I stress out and then as soon as I stop, everything seems to clear right up! I’m still not completely sure my medical is going to breeze through without some holds, but at least my part of the job is done and it’s up to them to decide! We’ll see what happens šŸ™‚

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