Almost Done!!

June 24, 2010

Medical has been such a long and tedious process … well, technically I can’t say it’s been too long since I just received my medical packet on June 14th (only ten days ago) … however, the tedious part is definitely true.

In the last two weeks (I had my first appointment prior to receiving my medical packet) I have been to the eye doctor twice (didn’t complete the form correctly the first time, the dentist once, my general physician four times, my gynecologist, my therapist, and this afternoon I’ll be hitting up my previous physician. Overall, I’ve had ten different medical visits in two weeks. Whoa!

Good news is, I’m almost done! I’m waiting on one set of results from a few titers I had done on Wednesday as well as the results from my gyno trip from Monday. The titer results should arrive in the mail by Monday, and I’ll have to make a trip in to pick up my paperwork from the gyno sometime next week (hopefully early on) … aside from that, I’m DONE! No more needles, no more consults, no more paperwork … thank goodness!

With the end of all of that though comes some apprehension. I mentioned briefly in my last post my belief that I wasn’t going to make my October nomination. So many factors put me in the mindset that this medical process would stop me from making that date. Whether it be the simple fact that it takes forever for medical clearance to go through or the potential holds I believed I’d have, I prepared myself NOT to be leaving in October and NOT to be going to the Pacific Islands.

Now it seems that everything is moving quickly and that the potential medical hold I was expecting may not actually be an issue … so the possibility of going in October is now actually a possibility again … and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I was preparing myself for more time at home with friends and family, more time to save money for when I get back, more time to mentally get a handle on this life changing experience … I did only apply a month ago, this has been quick!

Part of me wants that extra time. Part of me wants to tell placement that I cannot leave in October and hope for a new nomination. The issue with that is that there might not be one … I could have gone through this entire medical process and then lose my chance if I tell them October is a no go. So I feel like I have to proceed and just jump in with two feet … but that’s scary.

So anyway, the process is still moving along quickly. Medical is almost in the mail, the bulk being completed … and then I’ll see what my future entails!


2 Responses to “Almost Done!!”

  1. redefinition Says:

    I’m so happy for you! In just a week, I’ve begun to rethink the plan that I was telling you about. Honestly, I’m just READY TO GO! Best of luck with the rest of your medical!

    • kylenemichele Says:

      I totally know how you feel and I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose. I feel like staying for another year just puts everything on hold. Anything I do here is almost meaningless with this use endeavor coming up on the calendar. I just want to get going! Granted, I do have my reservations about leaving so soon (and its still up to PC to clear me!) but I think it’s for the best to start as soon as I can.

      My best friend told me yesterday that all big changes come on quickly. He said anything life changing he’s ever done has come about very fast and that putting things on hold risks those changes and those opportunities not happening.

      Good luck with your process and keep me updated on what you decide to do!

      Thanks for the well wishes 🙂

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