Medical Updates – ALL POSITIVE!!!

June 21, 2010

**Word of Warning: For those few males who follow my blog and don’t want to read about my recent doctor visits, this post is not for you πŸ™‚

Okay, so I have some great updates when it comes to medical! I have been stressing out the last few weeks about so many things – meeting their quick deadline, my abnormal pap results, my previous anxiety, what I’m going to do if I dont’ leave in October, etc. Through the course of all of that though, I’ve been truckin’ along on my medical appointments and paperwork and today brought along some really great progress.

1) Timeline – I’ve missed their deadline … they wanted paperwork back today and there was no freakin’ way that was happening … so I’m just going at my own pace. I sent an email a few weeks ago about my concern for meeting the deadline and they said technically I had until middle of July to still be considered for my October nomination … so no worries, I’m getting there!

2) Dental – I think I already posted on that … dental is done and no major problems so that’s ready to send.

3) Eye Doctor – I posted about my frustration that my eye doctor didn’t fill in my frame measurements … he basically told me that section was impossible to know the numbers for. Today I went to a neighboring eye clinic. They took my glasses, wrote down the numbers from on the inside, and I was done in 30 seconds. Done with that portion … and needless to say I’m switching eye doctors πŸ™‚

4) Abnormal Paps – This is the exciting part! I had an appointment with an actual gyno today to have her fill out the paperwork requested from PC because of my abnormal paps (I usually have my work done through my general doctor). This was the best appointment ever!

First, she gave me tons of information that my general doctor had never given me about my condition (abnormal pap, AS-CUS cells, HPV positive). She informed me of the spectrum of abnormalities, wehre I fall, what treatment options are and who they usually advice them for, etc. So much info I wish I had last year.

Anyway, she basically told me that I’m the lowest grade there is. She said on the abnormal spectrum I’m only on the first step and the only reason they originally did a colposcopy is because I’m HPV positive. The colposcopy results are also the lowest grade there is, which means I pretty much have no risk of it turning into anything …

The great part about that is that she is going to recommend that I only need a 12 months HPV screening … which means my original check up plan of every 6 months isn’t necessary. She is going to say that as long as I can get an HPV test to make sure it’s gone (which she assumes it will be a year from now) then I’m good to go and don’t need anything else. She did a second colposcopy today to verify my condition, but she says everything looks like I’m on the track to recovery …

She also said that even if I get a positive HPV result at my year check up during PC, I still wouldn’t be required to get treatment because of where I stand on the spectrum. She said I’d be able to go another year before another HPV test … so really, I should be good to go.

So, I’m hoping PC will look at that as an abnormal that requires no treatment and clear me as good to serve! I don’t see why they wouldn’t, aside from the fact that they are sticklers and take no chances 😦 even though PC could still put a medical hold, I’m feeling much more optimistic than I was the last few weeks!

5) Physical – I have my last appointment scheduled with my doc on Wednesday to finish up the physical paperwork … I need one more piece of blood work for chicken pox but other than that I should have that on Wednesday.

6) Therapist – I’m seeing my therapist on Thursday morning for a final eval and for her to fill out my paperwork. I haven’t seen her in five years so hopefully it’ll be a quick appointment though I think she’s doing a full new eval to ensure I’m not still dealing with my anxiety … however, I have no issues currently (and haven’t for years) so that should be good too.

Longgggg story short, once I get my final results from the colposcopy early next week I’ll be good to go sending in my medical packet … and then I’ll be crossing my fingers!

Final note, in prepping myself for a medical hold and the potential to not leave in October, I kinda got used to having a few more months here … now I have to change that mindset again now that there’s a potential it really will work out! Oye … the ups and downs of the app process are wearing me out!


7 Responses to “Medical Updates – ALL POSITIVE!!!”

  1. michael mcc Says:

    You can do it! I just finished medical myself, and now I have a kind of empty feeling now that its done. I recommend eating fortune cookies and taking the messages inside VERY seriously.

    Good Luck,

  2. Kelly Says:

    It is really good that you are cleared for yearly paps b/c Peace Corps won’t send you anywhere unless you are cleared for a yearly pap only. I am going through similar issues with abnormal paps and they have deferred me until I am cleared for yearly paps- right now I get them every 6 months.

  3. allison Says:

    Hi. I came across your blog. I am another PC applicant right now. I just got through my medical and wanted to share something with you re: HPV. I too tested positive for HPV, high risk for cervical cancer. This was an issue for me at first, more emotionally than physically. I have no insurance and did not get a colposcopy regarding this my doctor put that I should retest in 6-12 months. The PC sent me additional forms for my doctor to sign stating that it would be okay that I wait 15 months for my next pap or that it would not be okay. Initially he did not want to sign this but maybe me crying in his office by myself swayed his opinion. The PC is the only thing I want in my life right now! SO, he got back to me stating because I am under 30 he can let it slide. 90% of these cases go away on their own and amount to nothing. I got my medical clearance shortly after faxing the necessary papers, but with a restriction. I still have not heard back from a placement officer, but I should be good to go if my September departure still rings true. I hope this helps you, anyone πŸ™‚

    • kylenemichele Says:

      Allison, thank you so much for your post. This is really reassuring. Given what my doctor told me, I have a feeling that she should be totally fine signing off for 15 months … I also went to my general doctor who is in the same office as my gyno and she said that when she discussed my issue with my gyno, she had some very reassuring comments. She said that as an ex-AmeriCorps volunteer there was no way that she would let me NOT have this experience due to the issue I currently have … that my situation is not even close to something that should stop me from being able to go. So, my gyno is totally on board in whatever way she can be, which means even if it takes more forms, I’ll probably be good to go!

      Glad your situation is working out too! Keep me updated. I’d love to hear!

      • Jordanne Says:

        I just got a phone call from my doctor today regarding my pap. She said I’m at high risk for HPV (I don’t know if this meant I had it or not—going in to pick up the lab tomorrow). She didn’t seem to think it would be a problem but it is still a huge emotional struggle for me to deal with. I’m going through a very similar thing as both of you. I lose my health insurance when I graduate in December. I’m getting retested before then and am praying everything will be cleared up on its own. It’s good to hear that you have been cleared while having it but it is still something I wasn’t anticipating dealing with. I hope I’m not deferred for too long or I have a feeling I’ll get extremely discouraged with where my life is going post-grad considering my nomination will leave me sitting idle for 5-6 months already.

  4. redefinition Says:

    Take THAT, abnormal paps!!! YAYYYY Kylene!! Keep the faith and keep on pushing!! You might not have to worry about that little decision we were discussing about after all! πŸ˜‰ I’m gonna keep following you girlie! Keep us updated!

  5. taylor cruz Says:

    Thanks to all the ladies who shared- I’m going through the same thing. I just sent in my medical packet but have been totally nervous because of my abnormal pap. I definitely had not anticipated what the doctor said- I was oblivious I had HPV, but certainly glad I know what’s going on with my body.

    If what you all are saying is true- the PC will still clear you if you only need a yearly pap, I should be good then. I sure hope so, PC was/is the only plan I have post-grad. Again, thanks for the encouragement and best of luck to the rest of you!!!

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