Crossroads … what to do?

June 17, 2010

I’m at a really difficult spot right now and I honestly have no idea what to do. I apologize in advance for this post – it might ramble or make no sense … but, if it does make sense and you happen to have any input as to what I should do, I’d love the advice!

Right now my situation stands like this: I’m planning on returning to my school district next year even though I have a nomination for October. I don’t think medical will go through in time, so I need to work. If it does go through early enough, I’ll resign before the start of the year. If it’s too late, I’ll talk to placement about not being available because of work and give them a new availability date in hopes of a new nomination. Given that I’m qualified to be a teacher trainer and they struggle to find people for that, I’m assuming I’ll be able to get another nomination later. Then, I’ll just work until I leave, leaving at semester or something.

That’s been the plan all along, however, I had an issue come up at work this week. Backstory on that – I don’t really like my job much. I don’t feel at home there. I don’t feel respected by my peers beacuse of my age (I’m 26 any are all in their 30s and 40s, with far more years of experience). My principal loves me but I struggle within my department. So anyway, rumors started going around that I was planning on keeping PC a secret until I got an invite and then I was just going to up and leave without giving any notice or anything. That’s absolutely not true and I hate that my colleagues would even think that. I quelled those rumors with an email to my staff today, and it turned into a huge uproar. Long story short, I’m realizing how much I dislike this job and how difficult it is going to be for me to come back next year, even if for only a small about of time.

Here is my issue. If I don’t go back in the fall and don’t get accepted by PC for October, what am I going to do? I need to make enough money to live, but not having a teaching job would make it difficult. I could substitute or get an office job but I’m not sure I’d make enough to survive.

So, here are my options.

1) Suck it up. Go back to the school I’m at and hope either October goes through or something fairly soon after that … though medical is going to decide that … I have a feeling I have a hold coming. If it gets postponed for a long time, then I’m in a school I don’t want to be in for another year. I don’t know if I can handle that.

2) Find another job, not teaching. Decide now not to go back next year and find a job immediately. That gives me work over the summer into next year. I could quit at any time for the PC, but would necessarily make the money that I need to survive.

3) Put off PC … I could tell PC that I cannot leave until June of next year and get a teaching job at another school. This would give me the salary I need and get me into a school I might enjoy more … but, it means going from thinking I was leaving in October to leaving in June, which is 8 months later. I’ve been so set on leaving soon that the idea of being here for another year (from now) is difficult. I don’t want to be living an entire year with one foot in and one foot out as another applicant put it.

So, I don’t know what to do. I want PC so badly, but I also want out of my work situation, and I need to keep making money in order to keep up with bills.

I’m still working through medical to hopefully get that process going. If October is still an option I want to be sure to do my part to get it … but, knowing that I’ll most likely have a medical hold for a bit, I have to consider my other options.

Ugh … I hate stress.


7 Responses to “Crossroads … what to do?”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I would go for either option 2 or 3. Leaving in the middle of a school year is hard on the students and for the school, so I would not recommend going into the school year knowing that you’re probably going to leave early. So basically that leaves getting a non-teaching job and being able to leave as soon as you can or another teaching job and waiting. Now, with good budgeting and planning, I’m sure you could survive with a non-teaching job. You might have to make some lifestyle changes, but hey, you’re hoping to be sent to a developing country so it shouldn’t be an issue. 🙂 It would be easier for you to be able to leave another type of job if you are able to go in October, or you could stay on as long as you need to if a hold does come up (which you won’t know for sure until you send in medical – deep breaths, it’ll work out). Now, with option 3, I know the thought of waiting an extra 8 months sucks, but this has been an incredibly fast process for you. The extra time might help things settle down for you and you wouldn’t have to be stressed about medical because you would have plenty of time to work it out. I think 3 would relieve a lot of your stress, but if you would be absolutely miserable teaching for another year as you have to wait for something you want (I’ve done that – it sucks), then take the plunge and go for option 2. You’ll be able to work it out, it’s just going to be stressful.

    It will all work out, I know it. 🙂

    • kylenemichele Says:

      Thanks for the input Michelle. I teach mostly semester long classes so leaving halfway through the year wouldn’t be much of an issue. I wouldn’t be leaving students in the middle of curriculum. I also need a job that allows me to save up some money before I leave because I have a student loan that cannot be deferred that I need to keep paying while I’m gone … hence the money issues.

      But, I appreciate your input and it all helps. Thanks for taking the time!

  2. astronomerpc Says:

    Definitely not option 3. If you do decide to postpone PC and find a school you love, it would suck to leave that school. When you find a school you love, you’ll probably want to stay there for a large chunk of your career.

    Benefits to option 1: If you do get an invitation for October, it would (theoretically) come in the middle of August… aka, the beginning of the school year, so you could still quit before teaching begins… maybe.

    If I were you, I would probably go with option 2. It’s not worth it to work somewhere you hate, and if you start looking now there’s a chance you could find a decent paying job to hold you over until PC comes through.

    • kylenemichele Says:

      Thanks for the input. I completely agree with you on option 3. That’s my least favorite. One fo the reasons I want to do PC is because I don’t have anything holding me here … I don’t have a job I love, I don’t own property, I’m not in a relationship, I don’t have debt. I feel like if I stick around for another year on purpose that some of those things are going to end up holding me back and then I’ll never do it. I don’t want to purposefully slow myself down with this process in fear it won’t end up happening.

      Looks like #2 is sounding the best right now.

  3. Margaret aka Peggy Says:

    I’m following your posts and I know what it means to wait and wait for one more piece of info to help us complete that picture in our minds of life as a PCV. From my experience with medical, you just can’t count on that part of the process happening quickly. Anything abnormal and invite is pushed further back until resolved – by PC standards.
    Since you don’t know if/when medical is approved, consider option 2 to allow yourself some breathing space. PC is worth waiting for, and what is the worst possible thing that could happen if you leave next June instead? Plus another year of experience and who knows where PC could send you. All the best, Margaret

  4. Holly Says:

    Keep living your life until the Peace Corps is a sure thing. It will all fall in to place if you get in.

  5. jesseosmun Says:

    I’m assuming I’ll be able to get another nomination later.

    Don’t Assume!! Nominations are not easy to come by given the number of applicants and competition. Number 2 still looks like the best option. If you have a nomination-Stay the course!

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