Trekkin’ Along the Medical Road

June 16, 2010

Medical is … well, medical. It’s pretty much exactly what everyone has said it would be. Difficult. Tedious. Overwhelming. Discouraging. But I’m doing it. As I said in my last post, I have TONS of extra work to do.

Yesterday I got things started. I went to my dentist and got that all taken care of. My dentist reported absolutely nothing that would cause concern so that should be an easy clear. Only question is whether I should send that now and get it cleared and then send everything else when that’s ready? I know dental is a separate clear so it might be beneficial to get it done?

Anyway, I also went to the eye doctor and got that form filled out … they were NOT helpful. They left three things blank and I don’t know what to do. The first line asks for frame measurements. He said every pair of frames is different. I said I had mine and he said it didn’t matter. So, he didn’t fill it out. What do I do? I NEVER wear my glasses … ever. Like I probably wouldn’t even bring then with me. Can I just write that in a personal statement? Or do I go to another doctor?

I also have an appointment with my gyno on Monday and one with my therapist next Thursday. One more with my physician next week as well; I think that’s on Tuesday … then hopefully I’ll have everything to turn in.

So, I’m getting there … people at work are starting to ask my plans. As a teacher, I’m expected to come back in September. Unfortunately, right now I have no idea if my October nomination is going to go through. I can’t tell them anything and probably won’t be able to ALL summer … I hate leaving it that way. They deserve to know who their staff is going to be … but, at the same time, I have every right to resign at any time for whatever reason so I shouldn’t care. But I do.

So, I’m trekkin’! Making progress … wishing it was alllllll done. Soon enough. Soon enough.


6 Responses to “Trekkin’ Along the Medical Road”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Uggghhh medical was a nightmare. I think it’s a true test of your adaptability to hard situations. Send dental with medical if it’s perfect. Mine was perfect and I got cleared about a week later. For the optometrists mine filled out the form correctly (which is nice). Did you purchase your glasses from them? If so then they have all that info in the computer. Don’t let anyone leave things blank or write N/A. They have to explain why it’s N/A. Contacts are highly discouraged in the PC for reasons like there’s not solution anywhere and hygienic reasons. You have to bring 2 pairs of glasses with you. Best of luck!

    • kylenemichele Says:

      Thanks Sarah. It’s not that I wear contacts instead of glasses. I literally don’t wear my glasses. I have 20/20 vision regularly but have a very slight astigmatism. My glasses correct that and take my vision to 20/15 … so I really don’t ever have to wear them. I got glasses for reading lectures in college from far away. I dont’ have a reason to wear them anymore except for night driving which I know I won’t be doing in service!
      I’m going to have to go back and see what they can do for me … so annoying, but necessary I guess!

  2. Michelle Says:

    When you go back, take your frames with you. All of that information should be written on the frames themselves, and if not, they’ll measure the frames to get that information. That’s what happened to me, the doctor didn’t fill it in and told me to head next door where I actually purchased the frames and they did it. It’s just so that the PC knows how wide the nose bridge is, how long the arms need to be and all of that in case the glasses need to be replaced.

  3. MY wife is facing the same situation with her being a teacher. We are nominated for October and she has to resign her contract by July 12th. Based on how things are looking, we probably won’t get the invite before that date. So I think she is just going to not sign her contract again and try to sub in the fall until we leave. Of course if it turns out we don’t get the October invite, we are going to really be hurting for money. I wish the PC would change their processes so that they could accomodate more career people.

    • kylenemichele Says:

      I completely agree! I’m sorry your wife is going through that. I’m in the exact same boat. I don’t think medical is going to clear in time, so I’m not betting on October, but what if it’s November or December or January? I can’t start the year for a few months and then leave … so do I not work? I can’t live on a sub salary for so many months!

      I agree that PC should look at their processes and make some changes for people who can’t just up and give 2 weeks notice … especially when education is their biggest need and so many volunteers are teachers!

      • I discussed this with my wife. If I were you and you don’t think you will make the October invite, then I would start the school year. They dont like you breaking contract but I don’t think this would look too bad on you if you broke contract to join the PC. Once you explain to your school that there was no way you could have not worked and no way that you would know when you were to leave, I dont think this would reflect too negatively on you. If you go back to teaching, I would think this would just take a simple explanation. The benefits of having PC experience would outweigh you breaking a teaching contract.

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