Totally Overwhelmed by Medical

June 14, 2010

Holy crap … I received my medical packet today – finally. And, as I started to go through it I realized that there is absolutely no way I’m going to make my deadline. They wanted the packet back by the 21st, which is Monday, and there is no way is the world that is ever going to happen.

I’m so overwhelmed.

Looking through the packet there are soooo many things they want from me given my history with different issues:

1. Physicial – obviously … I have most of that stuff done already, just forgot to get a test proving I’m immune to chickenpox and I think I need to get titers for the MMR stuff since I don’t remember if I ever had my first shot … just the booster. Other than that, physical should be easy.

2. Dentist – going in tomorrow … also easy. No issues last time in six months ago, wisdom teeth already out, no sore teeth so probably no cavities. Good to go on that too.

Then comes the fun stuff …

3. Gyno – gotta see a specialist because of my abnormal … this will take forever to schedule. I may have one in my doctor’s office that could fit me in but probably have to see a specialist outisde the office. Damn. This is the one I’m also worried about for a PC Medical Hold.

4. Therapist – need to schedule meeting with therapist … going in next week, but she said she’d probably need to see me twice because of the extensiveness of the form. They want a new evaluation, which means two visits. God I hope my insurance covers that.

5. Physician again – Yes, a different one. I have to fill out a form with all my previous psychotropic drugs from my past anxiety. All of this was done with a different doctor, so I have to get all of that from that office instead.

6. Personal statement – They want a personal statement for all the conditions I checked yes to. Technically that’s only one document but the list of things they want me to include in the personal statement is lengthy … could take awhile.

I’m just feeling very defeated. First, this packet makes me feel crazy … I haven’t had an anxiety attack in five years, yet this packet makes me feel like I’m incompetent to serve. I know it’s just precautions, but its tough to be looked at under a microscope like this. I don’t like it.

I’m also kissing Pacific Islands goodbye. First, this paperwork just isn’t going to happen in time. I physically cannot get in to all these doctors in such a short amount of time. There is no possible way to make it happen. And second, my gyno stuff is probably going to cause a Medical Hold anyway …

So, while I’m struggling through this packet, I’m also having to come to terms with a change in nomination, which means different location and different leave time.

I know my last post was that I was okay with that, but it still takes some getting used to.

Now that I’ve vented, I’m off to try and schedule some of these appointments.


6 Responses to “Totally Overwhelmed by Medical”

  1. It’s going to work out. I know it seems overwhelming , but you will get it all sorted out and sent in.

    Re: Pacific Islands – don’t kiss that nomination goodbye quite yet! Just get everything finished and turned in as soon as you can (however long it takes) and remember that the close of invite (or COI) is SIX weeks before the program stages. So, although Peace Corps “wants” the files by next Monday, it may not disqualify you if it takes longer.

    Good luck with the gyno, and just know that all of your fellow applicants/trainees are definitely pulling for you (and we feel your pain!)

  2. Lisa Says:

    hi kylene!
    i wanted to wish you luck with the medical process, and just give you hope that if you stick with it, it is very likely you will get an invite.. maybe not for what you were nominated for, but nonetheless, stay positive!
    i didnt have any physical obstacles to get through, although if your obgyn can write you a good recommendation, that will be a plus. and with counseling, i had to get assessments too, and with a good personal statement, that shouldnt be too big of a hurdle! i was held up a bit until i got that taken care of, but i got my invite one day before my 6 week deadline for honduras!
    just dont give up!!! i know it sounds completley overhwelming right now, but stick with it!!!
    good luck!

    • kylenemichele Says:

      Thanks Lisa. I’m pushing through! Still overwhelmed and feel like I have a ton of stuff to accomplish but I’m making progress. Dental and eyes taken care of yesterday … that leaves physical (which I have most done of), a gyno visit (scheduled for Monday), and my therapist (next Thursday). It’s actually coming together FAR easier than I thought … though still some medical concerns that will put me on hold. At least I’ll have the paperwork in and be able to go from there!

      Thanks again for the support!

  3. Papergirl Says:

    Don’t panic Kylene! I know it is overwhelming…just take it one page at a time. It will be so worth it when you begin your service.

    • kylenemichele Says:

      Thank you! Things have been coming together well the last few days … I’m making progress! It’s a start.

  4. ACQ Says:

    Overwhelming is exactly what all that paperwork seems like, but one page at a time is great advise.
    I was actually deferred several months ago due to a high trigliceride count (which has come down over 100 points in 6 weeks). I never thought I would get through the deferrment and just received my medical clearance. It can happen. With a little patience and hard work, it will all come together.
    My May departure has since past, but I am looking forward to finding out where I am truly meant to serve.
    Good Luck!!!

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