Medical Starts Today

June 7, 2010

Just a quick post. Medical starts today. I haven’t received my packet yet, but I downloaded the unofficial copy from the PCWIKI and am taking it in to get all the necessary blood work and such started. I’m expecting to be pricked and prodded for a few blood tests as well as for the TB test. I’m also thinking I’ll just have them give me the immunizations I’m lacking (Polio and MMR) because I know I haven’t gotten them … and then if I need others based on my titer test I can get those later.

I guess this marks the start of a VERY long two weeks to get all this stuff in by the 21st!

Timeline for the next 2 weeks

Today – Physician Visit #1
Tuesday – Eye Doctor
Wednesday – Physician #2 (TB test results)
Thursday – Physician #3 (hopefully, for physical, etc, once med packet arrives)
Next Tuesday – Dentist
Next Thursday – Physician #4 (hopefully, for final blood work and wrap up stuff)
Next Friday – Send Paperwork

We’ll see if that happens 🙂


One Response to “Medical Starts Today”

  1. dmbise Says:

    Hey, saw this on PC journals. At least your medical is already within the 4 month period so it should fly by and be cleared by OMS soon! Should be well worth the prick and picked of medical when you receive an invite to serve!

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