Medical Hold…Normal?

June 5, 2010

I know nothing is normal in this process, but I thought I’d put a post up about this anyway 🙂

I woke up to an email stating my application had been updated. I figured that since I received an email regarding the sending of my medical materials yesterday that this update would be the computer telling me the information had been sent … however, it still says PC will soon be sending medical materials. What actually changed was my hold status. At the top it says file is on hold because it may be in review … and then down further next to Medical Clearance it says my file is under review …

Is that normal? I haven’t even received my Medical documents yet and I certainly haven’t sent anything in to them to look over!

I guess they are just on top of the game since I have such an early nomination date … this is good though because that means it’ll probably be looked at straight away when I do get my paperwork in to them.

Update on that progress:

I scheduled an appt on Monday (won’t have paperwork yet) with my doctor to start all the necessary labwork (blood, urine, titer test, etc). I also know for a fact that I need the MMR booster and the Polio vaccination so I’ll have her do those on that day as well. I’ll also have her do the TB test. I’m going to chat with her about the other medical issues that I have too (abnormal test results) and see what her recommendation is on how to proceed with that. Then, I’ll get the paperwork and bring it in when the lab work is done for the full physical part and the filling out of the packet with all necessary info … I figure this is the fasted way to go about getting this stuff done!

As for dentist, that’s scheduled for the 15th and should be pretty straight forward. I went six months ago and he told me if he could trade me mouths he would, so I’m assuming I don’t have any issues there …

I do have two questions though:

1) Eye doctor – I rarely wear my glasses … I have them for occasions when I’m driving at night or reading something far away (lecture hall, very large presentation, etc) but that’s about it … I also already have two pairs of glasses of the right perscription. Should I even bother going to the eye doctor when I don’t need new glasses and don’t ever really even use the ones I have (I know I won’t be doing any night driving wherever I’m going!) or should I just cover my bases anyway? I can get into the eye doctor pretty easily, but it would save me a trip if I could just skip that part!

2) Therapist – on my initial health review I put that I received two months of counseling back in 05 for my anxiety. I assume an added form will be in there to get information from that therapist. What happens if that therapist is no longer practicing in the area and you can’t figure out how to get in contact with her? I’ve been trying the number I used way back then and leaving messages on the generic machine, but no one has returned my calls in the last week and a half … what happens if I cannot schedule that appointment? Do I just write a personal statement explaining the situation (that I can’t find her) and explaining why I went and that the issue is resolved? Do I make an appointment with a random therapist and have them do a check up on my sanity? I’d really like to get an appointment scheduled for that because they usually take some time … but I just can’t seem to get ahold of anyone. Grrrr.

But anyway, the process continues. Was super stoked to get the packet on Tuesday (they said it went out two day air yesterday) but checked UPS and they have still only received billing info … which means it probably won’t go out until Monday, so not receiving it until Wednesday. Oh well.

Life continues on today … going with my best friend and the rest of her bridal party to pick up our bridesmaid dresses … then off to lunch with the girls. I’m really excited, but also nervous because these are people who just found out about PC and haven’t had a chance to chat with me about it yet. I foresee a bunch of questions and I’m hoping they are positive about the experience! Always get nervous for that …

Then, going to a Drive In double feature tonight with a big group of friends. I haven’t done that in forever! I’m super excited … I haven’t gone out on a weekend night in a very long time! And, it should get my mind off this whole PC journey for a bit 🙂

Best of luck to everyone in the same boat!


2 Responses to “Medical Hold…Normal?”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Yes, you do need to go to the eye doctor anyways. They want to have the information just in case both of your glasses break and they need to send you another pair. If you have a recent perscription, you could just take it in and the doc would probably just fill the form out, it’s really straight forward.

    The therapist thing I can’t help ya with – you might want to wait and see if they want any more information about it. It’s been so long and for such a short period of time they may not ask anything more about it. And if they do send a form about it, you can always call the medical office and ask what to do.

  2. Tracy Says:

    I saw you had one abnorma which might be a false positivel…. before sending that in… see if your doctor can redo the test and recommend follow up on a yearly basis in a letter. You can also asked for a h p v test to clear. Also for you eyes. you have to have them examined. Basically if anything is abnormal your doctor needs to write a letter of the history and how to handle in the future. You have a short time frame so keep plugging along… On your psych… you can write the letter explaining your purpose of going.. what you learned and how you are today and note your inability to reach your therapist. good luck

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