Nomination!!! Pacific Islands?!

June 1, 2010

Wow … another curve ball today … I guess being proactive and snooping around the sites for possible teacher training positions didn’t do me any good at all!

II received my nomination phone call at 11:08am this morning. After some brief introductions and an explanation as who why I don’t have enough qualifications for Youth Development (I’m okay with that; I’ve actually become okay with the teacher trainer idea) she proceeded to fill me in on the details of my nomination.

Teacher Trainer, Pacific Islands, Departure October 2010.

A few surprises there …

Teacher Trainer – not a surprise at all

Pacific Islands – big surprise … they had told me November so I concluded South America (Colombia) but was obviously wrong!

October leave date – bigger surprise … I thought November was early! October seems like tomorrow!

I’ve done a little research on staging dates and such and have figured out that I would be traveling to Tonga. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. In reality I’m thrilled for a nomination and two years in the Pacific Islands would be incredible! I’m only worried because I’m so connected with my family and such a remote location makes it difficult to have visitors or to visit home … something I feel like I need in order to make it through the entire 27 months. At the same time, there are amazing travel opportunities in the nearby areas and as I said, two years in the Pacific Islands is amazing!

So the process begins … medical is going to be insane. I have a number of medical issues that could also stop me from leaving in October, but hopefully those aren’t huge issues and I can get things going pretty quickly. With an October leave date, I need to move quickly to get all my appointments in and get everything cleared … good thing the school year is almost over! I’ll have tons of time to get those done.

Wow … I’m not quite sure how to feel right now!


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