Well that was interesting …

May 28, 2010

I’m sitting at a local coffee shop in Seattle trying to pull my thoughts together. I just left my Peace Corps interview and I’m a bit overwhelmed to say the least. A large part of me is excited, another part is terrified, and a third is completely confused …

Here’s a bit of the rundown …

The interview itself went great. The questions posted on the PC Wiki were pretty much dead on, so I was prepared for most of what the recruiter wanted to know. I had some great answers prepared and think I sounded pretty confident if I do say so myself 🙂 I was also very honest with her about my preferences in work areas and locations as I wrote about in my last blog … I think she took it pretty well (no funny looks) but I have no idea what she typed into her little computer!

I took some time to ask some questions at the end that I had come up with prior to the interview and she seemed happy that I had thought about it and didn’t just say “nope, I’m good!” Then, after the Q&A session, we started chatting about the rest of the process.

First she made it clear that she saw no reason not to move forward with a nomination. I was thrilled! She said that she knew I was a teacher and that finding out sooner rather than later about a placement would be easier on my job. I agreed. She then proceeded to chat with me about work area options. She stated that she got the impression I’d rather work in Youth Development than Education (teaching) … duh, I thought I had made that pretty clear! She mentioned that getting into YD might be a bit difficult since those programs usually have language requirements that I don’t fit into … they require a more recent language education than I have … they want within 6 years, mine is within 8. They also want a good amount of work with at risk youth, which, while I have some, is not a huge part of my resume …

So, then she mentioned teacher training opportunities … she said that with my educational background (4 years at the high school level) I am definitely qualified for those positions and that they are the hardest of their positions to fill. I hadn’t thought much about the teacher training options (only after the comment on my previous post) so that was a change in my mindset a bit … and that’s when the interview took an unexpected turn.

She then proceeded to tell me that she wanted to move pretty quickly with me because they had some openings in the fall … as in this fall … as in like November. Uhhhh … what? Didn’t they say this process takes 9 months to a year!? Didn’t they say medical takes forever and then you sit around for months and months to hear about your Invitation? Isn’t that what they said!? Wow … this would take some getting used to.

I played it cool … said “that’s great, lets get this moving…” and so we did. I got my fingerprints taken and was told I’d hear back from her on Tuesday sometime with my nomination.


So, basically, as long as medical goes well, I’m in … and if she gets her wish, that’ll be in November …

So here I sit, totally overwhelmed and a bit shocked at how the interview went. That means, that I could technically be shipping out in 7 months. That means that if all goes well with medical, I could have my invitation as early as August or September. Unexpected to say the least!

I’m thrilled … I’m terrified … I’m overjoyed … and above all I’m anxious for Tuesday.

As for potential nominations, if she talking November, here’s what I’m thinking … I’ve done some snooping, and the new Colombia project is now underway. I’ve looked at the PCRV Response team job openings and they have tons for teacher trainers listed starting in January … if you backtrack three months for when training would be for new volunteers, that would be November …

So, I’m thinking that’s what she has in mind for me, and that would be awesome … South America is one of the places I would love to go, and teacher training doesn’t sound so bad either 🙂

Lonnnng story short, the interview went well, and I may be shipping out sooner than I thought!

Now if only Tuesday would come a little faster!


One Response to “Well that was interesting …”

  1. Wow, talk about a fast turn around! That’s awesome! Fingers cross for your nomination!

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